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As to an famous university in Taiwan,

what the differences between an \"autobiography\" and a \"personal statement\"?

Tell me in detail, please......I want to apply my \"自傳\" for a university, but what is \"自傳\" in English?

Besides, in Taiwin, \"讀書計畫\"是教我們寫\"study plans\" or \" statement of purpose\"?


May I combine my 自傳 with 讀書計畫 in an essay?


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    Let me provide you some experience when I was applying to a grad school in America.

    It requires many items, including autobiography, study plan, results of study, etc.

    According to your question,

    1.An autobiography is one document to tell about your growing background, educational level, what you have learned after graduating from your schools, working experience, how you apply what you have learned to your work, what ability or proficiency or advantages push you to apply to their school and what you want to learn from them.

    Comparing from this, a personal instruction is a shorter document to introduce yourself briefly, such as your name, where you are from, members of your family, what they do, something like that.

    2.A study plan is to explain what realm of knowledge you hope to pursue from them, how you will do to achieve your goal, what relationship may it concern with your future work or study.


    Ps.It's been two years since I applied to the grad school. I got the I-20, but eventually I didn't go for it due to the fact that I hadn't finished my compulsory military service. Hope this helps, and once you need any further information, feel free to raise any question.

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    In my opinion, never combine the two parts in one essay, especially when applying to certain schools. They attach important parts to each.

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    Any time. I just provided you what I understood. Also, I can also learn something more from you.

    Source(s): My Own Experience
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