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The commercial airline

The courier service

The travel agent

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    The commercial airline is one that transport people(sometime good & cargo) from one country to another country. usually overseasThe courier service is one that transport goods or cargo from one place to another place and can be local or overseas serviceMain different:Commercial airline usually transport people from point A to B without close contact with the customer. For courier service they provide delivery of good & cargo without handling human. As for travel agent they provide tour service and have close contact with their customersLogically they are in defferent industry but are closely related to each otherThe travel agent is one that arrange tour for group of people and it can be locally or overseas

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The commercial airlines 指的是航空公司 (如中華航空)

    The Courier service 指的是快遞服務 (如DHL)

    The travel agent 指的是旅行社 (如xxx旅行社)

  • ?
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    The commercial airline = 商業客機

    The courier service = 快遞服務

    The travel agent = 旅遊業 (即旅遊代理商或旅行社)

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