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元代服裝以長袍為主。官員和士庶的日常服裝多為窄袖長袍。另外,在元代大宴活動中,天子百官要穿統一顏色的服裝,稱為「質孫服」,據古籍記載,天子的質孫服款式繁多,冬服有 11 種,夏服有 15 種。




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    Yuan Dynasty not integral appoints dress system. Mongol joins still keep it live convention behind central plains, But meantime and incurs Han nationality's affection, Costume ri cou braveness.

    Yuan Dynasty dress as gown give first place to. Officials sum scholar shu daily dress many for narrow sleeve gown. Another, At Yuan Dynasty big feast in activity, The Emperor hundred officials want wear unified color dress, Call as " Quality sun fu " , According to ancient books recordation, The Emperor's quality Sun dress model various, Winter dress have 11 Seed, Summer dress have 15 Seed.

    This period's woman too wear gown, But Han nationality woman then as muslim skirts skirt give first place to. Because Mongolia nation's folkways affection, At Yuan Dynasty, Man popular stay plait fa sum fa, It characteristic is first use knife shave open two beelines, Hair all shaves go behind brain, The left and right sideses two sides stay come out plait fa or at random scattering tippet.

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