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如何翻成英文才會比較順ㄋ? 請勿用翻譯軟體! 謝謝!



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    The purpose of devising this test is to highlight the fact that learning English should be focus on listening, speaking, reading, and writing synchronously. In the past, English education was always emphasized for reading and writing in order to pass tests for higher education, and as a result Taiwanese students still have the difficulty to communicate with foreigners after learning English for years. The main reason is that their English listening and speaking abilities have not been well developed.

    The frame of the test contains teaching materials for life routine, practical applications, knowledge, and delights. The students interest and ability can be stimulated by listening to English songs and practicing the vocabulary, phrases, and sentences in the songs. Finally, the students will be required to exercise listening over and over again. The students English ability will then progress remarkably in the energetic and pleasant atmosphere.

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    We should learn by hearing,speaking,reading and writing ,etc. because of English while designing the main reason of these examination paper four different directions go on in step , but entered a higher school in the past the English teaching that led overweighted and read , wrote with two respects all the time , cause Taiwanese students after studying many years of English, it is unable to communicate with foreigners in English directly , its main reason lies in promptly that the ability that the learner hears and talks about has not been developed .

    The content of the examination paper is to regard living , practicability , intellectual and interest teaching material as the structure, offer the teaching way to listen to English song , make learner's English interest excited, and practise repeatedly via listening to the single character , phrase , sentence in the song, strengthen learner's English ability , construct and practise with repeated hearing afterwards, make the learner growing up fast in the relaxed and lively Chinese and English ability that listens to of study atmosphere

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