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    In my pursuit of study, it was not so smooth an experience as all of you might have. I didn't do a good job in the Joint Entrance Exam of University and got admitted to private XXX university, department of XXX in the night (or weekend) session. However, I wasn't frustrated by the failure. I made the most of my free time and finally got admitted to the seconde grade of department of xxx in xxx university. I really had a hard time because I lagged behind by one year and the major fields were so different. I made up my mind to work twice as hard as others. Before the end of the second grade, not only had I caught up with my classmates, I also maintained my grades at the top 30 percent. After I became a junior, I took part in Project Research led by head of department of xxx. I made tremendous improvement in my capability of experiment and initiative spirit. Following the end of the third grade, I was admitted to graduate school of xxx for further study owing to my outstanding performance in the department.

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    My experience in getting education may not have been as smooth as the others. The college enterance examination I took didn't turn out to be what I wanted. I could only register myself into XXX department of the evening school of XXX University. While studying in the evening school I was also preparing for transfer test and in the next year I entered the day school of XXX department. Since it was a totally different category of study and I was already one year behind, it was not easy at all for me to catch up. I had to spend much more time on study. Just before the end of my sophormore year I could follow the class with fair level and my academic performance was above average. When I was a junior I had the chance to work with the chairman of XXX department for his research project. During that period of time I was able to cultivate my ability of experiment and research. And because of my outstanding accomplishment in the class I was recommended to the graduate school of XXX department for further study.

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