Rolad Dahl的英文介紹(作者生平)

請告訴我Rolad Dahl的英文生平,謝謝^^,我已經有在知識上搜尋過了,不過都是中文的介紹,Rolad Dahl也是飛天巨桃歷險記.Matilda的作者,謝謝

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    Roald Dahl was born in Walles on September 13, 1916. When he was four his father died and his mother had to raise him and his five siblings alone. This made his mother the rock in his life. She was always on his side no matter what he did. This gave him a sense of security. Later in his life he tribute his book The Witches to his mother.

    As a child Dahl attended many prep schools where he had to wear horrible uniforms. Many of the young boys at the school were often punished by the headmaster as well as by the older boys at the school. Later in life, Dahl laid much emphasis on describing he school beat ups in his books. The headmaster who was a clergyman gave the worst beatings. Ironically this clergyman later became known as the Archbishop of Canterbury. Dahl used his headmaster a model for the headmaster in his book Matilda. Miss Trunchball was the can wielding headmaster from Dahl's childhood. Some of the chief memories of his time at school were going o the sweet shop with friends. This would later be the seed for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    After Dahl graduated he did not go on to a University. He got a job with he Shell Oil Company because he was sure it would send him abroad. Dahl was then sent to East Africa were he go the adventure he wanted. After World War II ended Dahl went to Nairobi and joined the Royal Air Force. In 1942 Dahl started writing in Washington D.C. His first book was The Gremlins in 1943. Dahl did not like this book but it caught Eleanor Roosevelt's eye and he was invited to the White House often. He did not write for the next 17 years till James and the Giant Peach. The first 15 years of his career he wrote for adults but he was more pleased with children's books. He felt it was harder to write for children because they don't have the adult's concentration.

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