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Method 跟 Approaches 的差別



ex: The Audio Lingual Method

The grammar translation Method


Ex: Startegies , Content-based ,whole language approach...

所以我想知道 ,Method 跟 Approaches 到底有哪些不同的地方? 差別在哪裡?

可以幫幫我嗎? 拜託拜託

還有喔~我不是要Method 跟 Approaches 的單字解釋。我想要的是就整個\"教學理論\"來看~有哪裡有不同點的地方~

越詳細越好喔, 有例子 更好喔

謝謝 ^^

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    簡單分享一下method 強調既有方式  ---  a particular way of doing st. (something)approach 強調解決方式  ---  a way of considering st. (n) / to deal with st. (vt)也所以 "教學方法" 會見到 method; 而 "解決之法" 會見到 approachhope these help!

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    There are three aspects in language teaching:

    1. Approach(教學理論):How languages are learned

    2. Method(教學法): Different ways of teaching langauges

    3. Technique(教學技巧):Different methods make use of different kinds of classroom activity

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    From my perspective , the same explanation between "method" and "approach" is that they both have the meaning of "a way of doing something". However, "approach" has an additional meaning of "handling or dealing with a problem." It's the best explanation that I can find after looking up much information.

    Source(s): me and books
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