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Request for advise PM question

Could anyone advise the below question for PMP exam?

The customer on a project tells the project manager he has run out of money to pay for the project. What should the PM do first?

A. Shift more of the work to later in the schedule to allow time for the customer to get the funds.

B. Enter administrative closure.

C. Stop work.

D. Release part of the project team.

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    This question came from Rita's cram book; I have this one and can answer you this time; and you need to purchase by yourself next time if you just have question without answer on your side. Good luck...

    Quoted from Rita's PMP exam prep page 435, Q29

    Answer B

    Explanation Every project must be closed, as administrative closure provides benefit to the performing orginization. This makes stopping work (choice C) not the best choice. Choices A and D do not solve the problem, they just postpone dealing with it.

    2006-04-25 22:46:06 補充:

    It's belong to 3rd(2004) revision, not 2000 revision.

    Source(s): Rita's PMP exam prep page 435, Q29
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    D. Release part of the project team.

    Source(s): ME
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