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\"從遙遠的上古時代 沉睡多年的我 擁有潔白的羽翼 但有誰了解聖潔背面藏著一雙對比的羽翼  誰說天使是正義象徵 惡魔則是邪惡代表 只是有著黑暗的世界與有著光明的世界的分別 世上沒有真正的邪惡 真正的正義 一切都是虛偽的表面而以。。搖曳的夜風 妖魅的月亮 有著王者氣息 光明與黑暗的氣息 灰黑色的羽翼 被風吹的輕輕飄逸 我 站在最高的高頂 問自己 最想要的是什麼?是財富嗎?是權利嗎?情慾嗎?勢力量嗎?不 這些都不是 我再次的問自己 一隻烏鴉自由自在的飛翔 即使他只是一隻低等的生物 但他擁有了我沒有有的 自由!我最想要的就是脫離這個堅固的枷鎖 然而這只是一個夢 就讓著個夢永遠留再我心中吧。\"幫ㄍ忙唄

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    Has the pure white wing who from remote antiquity time deep sleep many years me but some to understand a holy back Tibet pair of contrast wing who was saying the angel is the just symbolic devil is the evil representative only is has the dark world with to have the bright world in the distinction world untrue evil true justice all is the false surface but by. . Drags the night of wind monster demon moon has the king breath bright and the dark breath ash black wing is blown by the wind is gently elegant I to stand in highest Gao Ting asked what oneself most wants is? Is the wealth? Is the right? Passion? Potential strength? These all are not I once more asks an oneself crow free soaring even if he only were low and so on the biology but he had the freedom which I has not had! I most want am am separated from this firm shackles however this only am a dream let a dream forever keep again in my heart

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    From many years of soundly asleep of faraway ancient times of I own the pure wing but have who who understanding sanctity back hides a pair of wing of contrasts to says angel is justice symbol the devil is an improbity, the representative just has the dark world and has the bright world of the difference in this world has no real improbity real justice everythings are all hypocritical surfaces and with..Night breeze fluttered bewitching 魅 of the moon has the wing of the great king spirit bright and dark spirit ash black is blown by the breeze of lightly float the 逸 , is my standing on the highest and high crest to ask what oneself want most what?Are you a wealth?Are you a right?Sensual desire?Does the influence measure?Not all of these is not I again ask oneself's a crow footloose fly even he is just a freedom that the living creature of[with] low etc. but his owning me didn't have!What I want most is to escape from this hard fetter however this is just a dream

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