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英文高手請進~!!幫忙中翻英 給20點(急)

幫忙翻譯一下 中翻英





70年代末期Karen罹患厭食症,’81年的『Made In America/美國出品』就在她身體日趨孱弱的情況下,成為兄妹倆最後一張作品。’83年2月4日Karen因心臟病突發以32歲之齡殞落,Richard自此將大部份心力投注幕後製作,而木匠兄妹的音樂也從此化為樂迷心中最美麗的淨土。

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    The song ' sing ' carpenter brother and sister for children what program write, lyrics content very much simple and very much pleasant even.

    Chorus, brother and sister of carpenter, card, Richard of elder brother, write words compose music, the piano and harmony specially specially originally, card, Karen of younger sister, is it sing to responsible for specially originally, two people cooperation produce a lot of immensely popular fine piece of writing in the 1970s. Carpenter from works of the seventies brother and sister ' close to you ', is it rank champion shy gaudy music circles to mount, short and more than ten years short singing career, accumulate to the sale day quantity of 100 million, glamour can't be looked small.

    Among more than ten years from 1969, it is the most popular group in the whole world. In relying mainly on rock music disc market at that time, though music comment house unfriendly to them, even criticize their disc ' the value not issued at all ', but ' expert's statement ' that song fans pay no attention, according to statistics, they are even still those times, American actor making money most in the international market.

    Karen suffered from the apositia in latter stage of the seventies, ' 1981 " Made In America / U.S.A. produce " in a situation that her body is feeble day by day, become the last work, two of brother and sister, just. ' Karen happens suddenly and dies and falls with the age of 32 years old because of the heart disease on February 4, 83, Richard this produce most mental and physical efforts bet behind the scene since, and music, carpenter of brother and sister turn the most beautiful pure land of the heart of music fan from then on too.

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    This head songs "sing "Is carpenter brother and sister for child program write, lyric content is very simple very euphonious too.

    Carpenter brother and sister glee club, elder brother pays attention to check clip this very do word melodize specially, piano and harmonical, sister victoriousness human relations clip this very take charge of sing, two persons in the 70s cooperation come out many popular excellent piece. Carpenter brother and sister is from's work in the 70s "Nearness you ", climb rank championship is frightened after gorgeous music circles, short several is year singing career, then cumulation go 100,000,000 pieces of sale day quantity, fascination mays not belittle.

    From in 1969 rise ten Yu during a certain era of period, is the whole world be the most popular group all the time. As rock music gives first place to record market that time, though joy comment homes not amicable to them, even still criticise their record "Do not issue value at all ", but supporters not at all care "Expert parlance ", according to stat, they are even still those era, the profitablest America artist on international market.

    Telophase Karen Lis suffer from anorexia sickness in the 70s, "81 is year "Made In America/ America produces "Body at her under frail situation increasingly, become brother and sister two final a piece of work. "Karen because heart disease bursts suddenly as 32 year old Zhi age Yun fall on February 4 , 83, from now on Richard throws at greater part energies note fabricate background, but carpenter brother and sister's music from now on changes into music fans the most beautiful Sukhavati in heart too.




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