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    School serves as a very place where students have full access to what is called education which may in turn cultivate their character afterwards and further pave the way for their future success. Under such circumstances, this reason why students like to doze off on the class as stated above deserves more attention for parents, teachers and even students themselves so well as to fundamentally solve this unwanted problem which may inadvertently influence our social atmosphere within a country - because of the following reasons below.

    In the first place, most of the students will unconsciously doze off on the class as a result of the lack of sleep or insufficient sleep quality on the previous day. For example, they may study hard so as to well prepare the upcoming exams or take part in any other extracurricular activity which has little to do their study - to the extent that they forget it is time to go to bed. Therefore, they have certain degree of disability to fully concentrate on the class in the daytime.

    Equally essential to this situation is mainly derived from teachers' personal instructions which cannot spark students' interests. For instance, some of the teachers tend to read a tedious textbook in the whole class or unconsciously lower their voices to the extent that students sitting in the back row cannot receive clear messages from their instructors. Others, on the other hand, may implement certain inappropriate teaching method toward a specific subject - making students feel monotonous at this regard.

    Indeed, positive learning should be regarded as students' obligation and responsibility; nevertheless, an efficient teaching effect will come into existence for sure - if we can create a better environment in which students are desirous to secure knowledge by means of bilateral collaboration.

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