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        Hilary Duff    Biography


    Arguably the only teen pop star with the potential to rival or surpass the popularity of Britney Spears -- albeit with a very different approach -- Hilary Duff made a name for herself on the enormously successful Disney Channel/ABC Kids show Lizzie McGuire, which she parlayed into careers as a pop singer and film actress. Like most overnight successes, Duff paid her dues for a few years before her big break. Appearances in the 1997 women's Western True Women, 1998's Casper (as the Friendly Ghost's human friend Wendy), and 1999's The Soul Collector paved the way for her best-known role. Lizzie McGuire, which chronicled the ups and downs of junior high schooler Lizzie's life with live-action and animated clips, debuted in 2001 and very quickly became a huge hit with the preteen set. Aside from the show's unique format, one of the main reasons for its success was Duff herself. As Lizzie, she was pretty, funny, and smart, but not intimidatingly so; she had two best friends, Gordo and Miranda, so she wasn't super-popular or an outcast; and she was confident enough to do her own thing, but still vulnerable enough to have crushes on unattainable boys.

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    我好喜歡希拉蕊 她很漂亮 上次看到繳稅的大戶 她也有排在前幾名唷 可見現在身價不凡了 是個小富婆了呢~

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    英文名: Hilary Duff

    全名: Hilary Ann Duff


    生日: 1987/9/28

    星座: 天秤座

    出生地: 美國德州休斯頓

    綽號: Hil

    身高: 155公分


    Human Nature<人性>---2001

    Agent Cody Banks<小鬼特務>---2003

    The Lizzie McGuire Movie<平民天后>---2003

    Cheaper By The Dozen<十二生笑>---2003

    A Cinderella Story<灰姑娘的玻璃手機>---2004

    Raise Your Voice<提高嗓音>---2004

    Heart of Summer<尚未公佈中文片名>---2004

    The Perfect Man<尚未公佈中文片名>---2004

    Outward Blonde<尚未公佈中文片名>---2004



    True Woman---1997

    Casper Meets Wendy---1998

    The Soul Collector---1999

    Lizzie McGuire---2001

    Cadet Kelly---2002


    Santa Claus Lane<聖誕專輯>---2002



    音樂與演藝事業都發展相當好的Hilary,並且創了自己的衣服品牌''stuff''近來與姐姐Haylie Duff合唱Go-Go的Our Lips Are Sealed.收錄在灰姑娘的玻璃手機原聲帶中,不喜歡節奏太快的電子音樂的Hilary,唱出年輕人的流行音樂,近幾年,她開始為狗狗們設計,品牌名子為LDD<Little Dog Duff>,她的電影新作"Raise Your Voice"將在今年上映!

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