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vita asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago


The decrease in the

amount of e-loyalty explained as satisfaction increases

requires further investigation – it is possible that additional

switching barriers exist, or that unmeasured individual

characteristics have an impact – identification of the

variables that impact on the satisfaction–switching barriers–

loyalty relationship at high levels of satisfaction

would provide valuable additional insights into why

satisfied customers are not always loyal.



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    要把網路忠誠度之降低解釋為滿意度之提高, 有待更深入的探討.


    1. 有其他轉移障礙存在, 或

    2. 未經衡量的個别特性已產生了影響.

    若能找出(確認)對"在高度滿意下, 滿意度- 轉移障礙-忠誠度三者間之關係"

    造成影響的變數(因素), 將可以大大地提高我們對"為何滿意的顧客並非全然(總是)忠誠的"之了解.

    P.S. 末句的直譯是," 對 ......... 提供有價值的額外(增加)的洞察力."

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