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    I joined in Chinese Music Club when I was in elementary school; also, I stood for the association to take a competition outside the school. It is honorable that I was elected to be a class representative when I was in senior high school and university; I hosted a lot of activities include to leaded class to took part in TV program. When I served in the army, I often needed to communicate with other people because I was a document transporter there; the job had the effect which practiced my patience. After that, I worked in a bank and took response for the duty of withholding tax; it was complicated but could let me learn and practice the truth which treats people handles matters. During the time I was serving in bank, I got a reward which commended the well-performance I’ve done on my job. Good at communication, flexible and responsible for my duties which are my strengths.

    After working in the bank for a year, fortunately, I was admitted the computer training with government expense which hosted by National Youth Commission. During the eight months training processes, I’ve learnt much professional knowledge about setting up a website and have deeper understanding of other related knowledge. I enriched my English ability in the same time and took the TOEIC English proficiency test in September of 2005 in order to evaluate myself; I got the grade which was 715 points that can achieve the standard of advanced level.

    About my future expectation, I think that enrich myself constantly is the power and advantage to keep improving in the generation of Knowledge economy. I will have wider field if I can apply the job in the company and learn more valuable practical experiences.

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