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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

求英文對話 第一天上班 的情況劇






First day on the job?

(B: Bob; J: Jack; W=Waitress)

B: Uh… Is this your hammer or mine?

J: It’s mine. I think yours is over there.

B: Oh, yeah. Thanks.

J: First day on the job?

B: Yeah. I’m Bob Silva.

J: Jack Harrison.

B: How do you like it here?

J: It’s okay. The pay is good.

B: Yeah, it is. I think I’m going to like

construction work.

J: Where did you work before?

B: In a shoe factory.

J: Oh, how was that?

B: I didn’t like it. The hours were long,

and the pay was terrible.


B: I need to take a break. Where can I get

some coffee around here?

J: I always bring coffee from home, but

there’s a coffee shop across the


B: And where do you eat lunch?

J: Well, I usually bring my lunch too, but

sometimes I eat across the street. The

food’s not great, but it’s fast and


B: When is the lunchtime?

J: At noon. We get an hour. In fact, it’s

noon now.

B: Great! I guess I’ll try that coffee

shop. Can I get you anything?

J: Uh… yeah. Could you bring me a cola? I

have a sandwich, but I don’t have

anything to drink.

B: Sure.


W: What would you like?

B: A hamburger and french fries.

W: To stay or to go?

Bob: To go, please.

W: Something to drink?

B: Yeah. How’s your coffee?

W: Uh… Well, I never drink it!

B: Two colas then.

W: Anything else?

B: No, that’s all. Thanks.

大概那麼長 也大概這種程度





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    A= Sales Department Manager B= new sales R= Roger

    A= I have been waiting you for a long time! Why are you late for work?

    B= I am so sorry, but the traffic is preventing me from making it on time.

    A= What!!!!! This is your first day, and you are full of excuses.

    B= Sorry, but...........

    A= No sorry and please DON'T GIVE ME ANY EXCUSES. I hate excuses! Gosh! If you are late again, you are fired! Understand?

    B= Yes

    A= Good, now follow me.

    ~~~~~ Office~~~~~~~

    A= Sorry to interrupt, but this is the new sales that will join our group from today and on! Let's give him a warm welcome!

    ~~~~~ Everyone claps!!!~~~~~~

    B= Thank you, this is the first day of work! There is still a lot of areas I am unfarmilar with. Hope everyone can assist me! Thank you.

    A= Good, this will be your seat, and if you need assistance, please and go ask Roger!

    B= OK!

    ~~~ Start working~~~

    B: Roger, how can I enter this information into the database?

    R: Oh! First you open Microsoft Access and then start entering the information!

    B: Oh, thank you!

    R: No problem.

    ~~~ After a while~~~

    B: Where should I put this file?

    R: Please put it below that shelf.

    B: Ok

    R: By the way, please bring me a cup of coffee after you are done!

    B: OK! By the way, where is the coffee maker?

    R: In the kitchen.

    B: Uhg!!!!! Where is the kitchen?

    R: The kitchen is on the 20th floor.

    B: Oh ok! I will be right back with your coffee!

    ~Back with coffee~

    R: Thank you, you may go to lunch!

    B: How long is lunch recess?

    R: One hour

    B: Ok, see you later!

    Source(s): Me-studying at University of San Francisco
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