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She\'s so(他是如此)


The girl is so(這女孩真)




PS.我的信箱 (沒有.tw唷)

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    foxy跟mxie抓的音樂檔案大部分是國內音樂居多 如果妳要抓國外的音樂跟電影 介紹給妳這個軟體 而且有支援繁體中文

    最受歡迎的P2P免費軟體Lime Wire

    LimeWire是一個可以讓你在Gnutella網路進行P2P檔案分享的工具軟體。就像一般受歡迎的Napster 服務,它可以讓你分享、搜尋、下載MP3檔案。 LimeWire也可以讓使用者搜尋、分享各種的電腦檔案,包括電影、照片、遊戲和文件檔案。這個軟體的其他功能還包括動態詢問,為通過過防火牆而設計的代理伺服器支援,下載時先預視檔案,以罕見文件搜尋的先進技術。LimeWire現在提供比 Kazaa 更可靠及快速的下載。



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    2 decades ago


    主唱;Michael Jackson專輯:The Essential Michael Jackson歌名:Dangerous

    歌詞The way she came into the place I knew right then and there

    There was something different about this girl

    The way she moved her hair, her face, her lines

    Divinity in motion As she stalked the room

    I could feel the aura of her presence every head turned feeling passion and lust

    the girl was persuasive, the girl i could not trust

    The girl was bad, the girl was dangerous

    I never knew but i was walking the line

    come go with me , I said i have no time

    She said don't you pretend we didn't talk on the phone

    My baby cried and left me standing alone , She's so dangerous.

    The girl is so dangerous, take away my money, throw away my time

    You can call me honey, but you're no down good for me.

    She came at me in sections with the eyes of desire

    I feel trapped into her web of sin, a touch , a kiss, a whisper of love

    I was at the point of no return

    Deep in the darjness of passion's insanity , I felt taken by lust's stranger, inhumanity

    I never knew but I was living in vain

    She called my house and said you know my name

    And don't you pretend , you never did me before, with tears in her eyes

    My baby walked out the door, She's so dangerous

    DANGEROUS!!!The girl is so dangerous.

    I have to pray to god, 'cause I know how lust can blind

    It's a passion in my soul , but you're no damn lover friend of mine

    I cannot sleep alone tonight, my baby left me here tonight

    I cannot cope 'til it's all right

    You and your mainpulation , you hurt my baby

    And then it happened , she touch me

    For the lips of a stranger woman, drop as a honey-comb

    And her mouth was smooth than oil , but her inner spirit and words were as sharp as a two-edged sward

    But I loved it, 'cause it's dangerous

    take away my money, throw away my time






    Source(s): 我也很喜歡這首歌!
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