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so may i say "Consaltant of xxx Hospital?"

Update 2:

那是否可說 "Speacialist Consultant Doctor of XXX Hospital?"

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    專任顧問醫師 = Full-time consultant physician醫護人員都知道,"專任"兩個字是為了區別 "兼任"也就是說"兼任"者是還有另一項主要工作的,大多數兼任者在醫院外面還有自己的診所,只有特定時間或是醫院需要時才到醫院去提供服務。所以"專任"該翻譯成 Full-time。而顧問醫師該翻譯成consultant physician為。GOOGLE 裡有很多使用 Full-time consultant physician這個詞的網頁,我只節錄三個在下方,其他可按這裡瀏覽。Margaret Pollak David Quentin Borsey Edward James Horgan Annabel ... After a few years he became a full time consultant physician, and in 1977 he was elected president of the Liverpool Medical Institution. After retiring he moved to Long Crendon near Aylesbury where he played a full part in village life. ...Burnley's battle ends in consultants' victory -- Dillner 309 (6964 ... He will return to being a full time consultant physician at the hospital. Doctors had already passed two votes of no confidence in Dr Pickens - the first in early September, when he was criticised for not consulting them on medical ...Auckland Allergy Clinic - Doctors Profile Three years full-time Consultant Physician (NZ). Current Position Consultant Physician Specialising in Allergic Diseases of Adults and Children since 1994. Overview highlighting interest in Allergy ...

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    嗯~ 在國外~ 這職稱有很多種說法喔:

    The "consultant doctor" of xxx Hospital. (顧問醫師)

    The "doctor consultant" of xxx Hospital. (顧問醫師)

    The "general consultant" of xxx Hospital. (顧問醫師長)

    The "consultant practitioner" of xxx Hospital. (顧問執行醫師)

    The "medical consultant" of xxx Hospital. (醫學顧問)

    The "specialist consultant" of xxx Hospital. (專於某個醫學領域的顧問醫師)



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    You can say "Consultant of xxx Hospital ".In western world, 住院醫生稱為RMO( resident medical officer), registar (高年醫生) and consultant (specialist in certain clinical areas專科醫生 )..

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    It takes charge of adviser's doctor.

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