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英文翻譯一大段 幫幫忙 15點

4.One problematic aspect of law enforcement involves dealing with individuals or groups where more than a show of force is required, yet deadly force is not the appropriate method of resolution. To fill this gap, many agencies have turned to the development and use of less lethal technology. According to the British Home Office, less lethal technology “is a term carefully defined to encompass weapons and equipment, which, although less likely than firearms to result in a serious or fatal injury, nevertheless carry some degree of risk.” The growing unacceptability of deaths and injuries caused by or inflicted on law enforcement officers require new ways of handling conflict situations.

5.Offender reentry is a pressing issue for society. Governmental resources have been severely taxed as legislatures have criminalized more and more behaviors. Determinate sentencing, coupled with mandatory minimum time requirements, has resulted in longer stays for offenders. Unconditional release, for those having completed a determinate sentence, has resulted in many offenders being returned to the environments that initially contributed to their abhorrent behavior. Without new tools to assist them in avoiding pitfalls, ex-offenders are likely to repeat previous negative actions.

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    4.One 執法的疑難方面介入應付更多比力量展示必需的個體或小組, 致命的力量不是決議適當的方法。填補這空白, 許多代辦處轉向對較少致死的技術的發展和用途。根據英國的家庭辦公室, 較少致死的技術"是一個期限仔細地被定義包含武器和設備, 雖然較不可能比火器導致嚴重或致命傷, 然而運載某一危險度。" 死亡的增長的unacceptability 和傷害被造成或被給予在執法人員要求處理衝突情況新方式。5.Offender 再進入是一個緊迫的問題為社會。政府資源嚴厲地被收稅了當立法機關criminalized 越□越行為。確定判刑, 被結合與必須的極小的時間要求, 導致更長的逗留為違者。無條件的發行, 為了那些被完成一個確定句子, 導致許多違者返回到對他們的憎恨行為最初地貢獻的環境。沒有新工具協助他們在避免陷阱, 前違者可能重覆早先消極行動。

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