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母親節佳句 ~~~~英文加中文

 誰能給我母親節ㄉ佳句 英文加中文

           謝謝 ><   麻煩一下 ~~~~~~~~~~~


短一點 不要太長

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    母親節快樂. Happy Mother's Day.

    媽媽我愛您. I love you, Mom.

    謝謝您為我所做的一切. Thank you for everything you do for me.

    謝謝您的愛和關心. Thank you for your love and care.

    我永遠愛您. I always love you.

    您是世界上最棒的媽媽. You are the best and greatest mother in the world.

    你永遠在我的心上. You are always on my mind.

    你照亮我的生命. You light up my life.

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    封面: mom!! i love you!! happy mother's day!!

    內容: my dear mom, today is mother's day !! i really wanna tell you some true words from my deep mind! thank you taking care me for a long long time!! no matter how tire you are after you off work, you still cooking for me! sometimes i in a bad mood, i'll yell to you. but you didn't yell back to me, instead, you comfort me. your love make me feel touched !! i want to tell that i really love you, mom!! happy mother's day!!

    中譯:我親愛ㄉ媽媽,今天是母親節!!我想要對你說些心底話!!謝謝你照顧我那ㄇ久!不管你下班後有多累,你仍然會煮飯給我吃!有些時候我心情不好,會對你很兇,但你不會兇我反而安撫我撫尉我。您ㄉ慈愛真ㄉ讓我好感動!!媽媽~我想要跟你說我真ㄉ好愛你! 祝你母親節快樂!!

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