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I\'d like to know the authors of the following books:

1. The study of language

2. Contemporary linguistic analysis

3. Language file

4. Introduction to language

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    The Study of Language

    George Yule, ~ Cambridge University Press 13 June, 1996 ~ ISBN: 052156851X

    original edition in 1996

    new edition in 2005


    Contemporary Linguistic Analysis: An Introduction

    William D. O'Grady, William C'Grady, ~ Addison Wesley Publishing Company January, 2000 ~ ISBN: 0201478129



    Language Files: Materials for an Introduction to Language & Linguistics (old)

    Thomas W., Jr. Stewart, Nathan Vaillette, ~ Ohio State University Press July, 2001 ~ ISBN: 0814250769

    Language Files: Materials for an Introduction to Language and Linguistics (new)

    Georgios Tserdanelis, Wai Yi Peggy Wong, ~ Ohio State University Press April, 2004 ~ ISBN: 0814251285


    An Introduction to Language

    Victoria Fromkin, Robert Rodman, Nina Hyams, ~ Heinle 02 August, 2002 ~ ISBN: 015508481X

    please go to or

    you can see how the cover look like to see if you are in the right track.

    Good luck!!

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    I have the book " An Introduciton to Language" , the authors are:

    Victoria Fromkin

    Robert Rodman

    Nina Hyams

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  • 1. The study of language ==> George Yule

    2. Contemporary linguistic analysis ==> William O'Grady and John Archibald.

    3. Language file ==> The book's name is way too general. I can't be sure which one you are looking for. But, here are some options:

    (1) New Windmill Language File: John Dayus, Tim Ayres (U.K.)

    (2) The Language File: Fuller, Simon (Education Consultant, BBC) ~ Joyner, Jane (Head of English, Stoke Newington School, London) ~ Meaden, David (English Advisor, Hounslow) (U.K.)

    4. Introduction to language ==> Victoria Fromkin

    Robert Rodman – North Carolina State University

    Nina Hyams - University of California, Los Angeles

    Peter Collins - University of New South Wales

    Mengistu Amberber - University of New South Wales

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