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Such changes in the legal and tax jurisdiction of a nation-state may lead to upheaval

in the current taxation systems. For example, as governments realize that more people are able to work or purchase goods outside their legal tax jurisdiction, will this lead to a decrease in personal income and sales taxes and a rise in real estate taxes? Increasingly, where you choose to live may to one of the few opportunities for a country to collect taxes. Also, enforcing product liability claims will become increasingly complicated when purchases again often occur outside the legal jurisdiction of a country.

In summary, technologies such as the Internet have caused the social, economic,

and tax borders of a nation-state to shift. With these movements come massive opportunities in developing global economies, but the social implications are unclear as the ability of governments to pay for social goods or enforce product standards of people physically living within its borders comes into question. This coupled with many people identifying with virtual communities or societies, in addition to their physical community or society, suggests the potential for a fundamental reconstruction of social

order (Fukuyama,1999).


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    在合法方面的這樣的變化和一個國家國家的稅收管理可能導致動亂 在當今的課稅系統裡。  例如, 因為政府意識到更多的人們能工作,或者在他們的法律稅收管理外邊的購買貨物, 這將導致在個人收入和營業稅和在不動產稅方面的一次升高方面的減少嗎?  逐漸地,住,你選擇朝一這很少機會國家收集稅款能。  此外,實施產品責任聲稱將變得越來越錯綜複雜購買再次經常在一國家的合法審判權外邊發生什麼時候。總之,技術象網際網路那樣引起社會,經濟, 以及要移動的一個國家的稅款邊境說明。  由於這些運動在發展全球經濟過程中變成巨大機會, 但是 社會暗示不清楚適合社會貨物支付或者實施產品身體上活著的人的標準的政府的才能在它的邊境內被討論當時。  這和很多人用虛擬社區或者社會鑑定, 除他們的物理社區或者社會之外,為社會的基本的重建建議潛能 預訂(福山,1999) . 

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