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列如: 優 缺 點~~相關的網頁 ~ 7-11的問卷調查~~



感恩~~ (緊急中....)><



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    7-Eleven is an international conglomerate which operates the largest chain of convenience stores in twenty countries including: Canada, United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico in the Americas; Norway, Sweden and Denmark in Europe; People's Republic of China, Republic of China (Taiwan), Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan in East Asia; Australia, The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore in Southeast Asia; and also South Africa and Australia. Stores operated in the United Kingdom and Ireland in the 1990s but did not prove popular.

    The company was founded in Oak Cliff, Texas, which is now part of Dallas, in 1927, and started to use the 7-Eleven name in 1946; the previous branding of these stores was as "Speedee-Mart". Nearly 40% of today's 7-Eleven stores are operated in Japan since the Japanese-based company Ito-Yokado purchased the majority interest from Southland Corporation in 1991. Also in 1991, Southland Corporation changed its name to 7-Eleven, Inc.

    Initially, these stores used to be open from 7 am to 11 pm, which was quite unprecedented at the time, hence the name; however, most 7-Eleven stores are now open twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. 7-Eleven's most popular private label products include: Slurpees, a partially frozen slurry in a number of flavors, and the Big Gulp super size soft drink in 32, 44, 52, and 64 (American) fluid ounce sizes. In 2005 7-Eleven introduced their largest soft drink product, the 128 fluid ounce (1 gallon) Team Gulp.

    In November 2005, Seven-Eleven Japan Co. Ltd. completed the purchase of 7-Eleven Inc., turning the Texas-based publically-traded conglomerate into a privately-owned Japanese company. Seven-Eleven Japan Co. Ltd. is itself a subsidiary of Seven & I Holdings Co., Ltd., which also owns the Japanese Denny's chain of restaurants.

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