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Lena asked in 娛樂與音樂電影 · 2 decades ago







 ※ 請不要用翻譯機!! =   =

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    有一幕蘿斯一群人走在甲板上談論救生艇的數目,後來傑克就從後面捂住她的嘴,把她拉到旁邊的健身房… 蘿斯:Jack, this is impossible. I can't see you.傑克,這行不通的,我不能見你。傑克:I need to talk to you.我有話跟你說蘿斯:No, Jack, no. Jack, I'm engaged. I'm marrying Cal. I love Cal. 不行!傑克,我已經訂婚了,我要嫁給卡爾,我愛卡爾。傑克:Rose, you're no picnic... you're a spoiled little brat even, but under that you're a strong, pure heart, and you're the most amazingly astounding girl I've ever known and--蘿斯,你不是頂好相處的,甚至有點驕寵,但內心裡,你是我所見過最脫俗、最好的女孩…蘿斯:Jack, I...傑克,我..傑克:Let me try and get this out. You're ama...I'm not an idiot. I know how the world works. I've got ten bucks in my pocket and I have nothing to offer you.不,先讓我說完。我也知道人情世故,我身上只有十塊錢,沒有什麼可以給你。蘿斯:I understand. But I'm too involved now.這我瞭解,但我已不能自拔。傑克:You jump, I jump, remember? I can't turn away without knowing you'll be all right. That's all I want.你跳,我就跳,記得嗎?我要確定你幸福,才能掉頭,我沒別的要求蘿斯:Well, I'm fine. I'll be fine... Really.我很好,我會很好,真的!傑克:Really? I don't think so. They've got you trapped, Rose, and you'll die if you don't break free. Maybe not right away because you're strong, but that fire that I love about you, Rose, that fire is gonna burn out.真的嗎?我不相信,他們把你困住了,若不掙脫就會死掉,也許不是現在,因為你很堅強,但遲早我愛的那一把火,那把火總會熄滅的。蘿斯:It's not up to you to save me, Jack.你救不了我的,傑克。傑克:You're right. Only you can do that.妳說得對,只有你能救你自己。蘿斯:I'm going back. Leave me alone.我要回去了,別再找我了。蘿斯出房…

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