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The process of raising money for a management buy-out involves managers in the most important deal of their lives. Few will have relevant previous experience. Here is a version of how a deal might evolve and be structured and how it might turn out for the venture capitalists and the MBO team. David Mann knew something was up when he saw his boss\'s car in the company parking lot. As managing director of Wigits, the engineering subsidiary of Publico Ltd, he would have expected notice of a visit from head office.

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    管理階層收購(MBO)的募資過程中會將經理人捲入他們人生中最重要的交易裡。僅少數人會有相關的先前經驗。這裡是關於一件交易可能如何演變及架構而成,以及對於創投業者(VCs)及管理階層收購團隊而言此交易可能演變結果的一個描述版本。當David Mann看見他老闆的車在公司的停車場中,他知道有些事發生了。作為Publico Ltd此家公司工程業子公司Wigits的執行董事,他應該會在老闆來訪前從老闆辦公室得到通知。

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