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我要歌劇 \'\'貓\'\' 的 \'\'英文\'\' 介紹



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    While most productions replicate the original show as closely as possible, there have been exceptions to this rule, most notably, the Norwegian production which placed the action in an attic, the Swedish production which placed it on the rooftops and the Finnish production whose setting is best described as "futuristic".

    The awards that Cats has won include: the 1981 Laurence Olivier award for Musical of the Year, the Evening Standard award for Best Musical and seven 1982/83 Tony awards including Best Musical, the much-coveted Molière Prize for Best Musical in France, seven out of ten Dora Mavor Moore awards including Best Musical in Canada and seven awards in Japan.

    Midnight. Not a sound from the pavement.

    Tonight is a particularly special night of the year when the tribe of Jellicle CATS unite to celebrate who they are. They emerge from the darkened landscape into a larger-than-life junkyard, singing of their unique abilities and special qualities.

    The cats are at first suspicious and proud, reluctant to allow an audience into their domain. In The Naming of Cats, however, they begin to reveal who they are and that cats have three different names: the one the family uses daily, a more dignified name and a secret name. It is the contemplation of these secret names that keeps felines deep in thought:

    因為內容太長ㄌ 所以無法轉載

    文章從這裡點選 可以去截取

    你可以去他們的官方網站上看一下 有許多有名的歌劇供你參考

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