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"Jazz"Fair Weather這首老歌的歌詞?

"Jazz"Fair Weather這首老歌的歌詞?請問誰可以提供給我呢!英文歌詞。。。如果有中文翻譯更好QQ 囉!


不是這ㄍ >"<

Update 2:

一開始是 we will side by side like brother...

that's it fair weather ....together...

so befort , it will ...


國外網站我也找的差不多了 都找不到。。。

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    Fair Weather by ANI DIFRANCO

    A woman who would be me.

    Or the smell of women with a recipe.

    All those voices stirring jealousy into the sounds cooking in me.

    Well, I lost five seconds to the powers that be.

    And then a man, some man defined chronologically.

    Wet in my mind, dripping into the rest of me.

    For your desire distorts, disguises what comes naturally.

    Oh, and soft smells from apartment two and some farm outside.

    My body brings its smells to what it's tried.

    And some hair is healthy, but all hair is dead.

    And I think that's what it's like in my head.

    For Lee I'm cement, but behind the buttons on my blouse

    My heart is bent between fair weather and a woman who may never be.

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