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China not a superpower翻譯 急

U.S. President George W. Bush and his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao will meet in the White House later this month during the latter\'s first \"state visit\" to the United States. By all means, mainland China has quietly emerged as a superpower to be reckoned with, as its power and influence are sorely needed in maintaining global peace. Kim Jong-il\'s nuclear ambitions that threaten regional security, for instance, will need Beijing\'s help to resolve. So will Iran\'s nuclear programs that could touch off a military conflict and make that country another Iraq.

Yes, mainland China\'s power is growing, in what it calls \"peaceful rise.\" It is the fourth largest economy in the world, after the United States, Japan and Germany. It is even larger in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP), making it the second largest in the world. It is the world\'s manufacturing center. Its foreign reserves reached US$853.7 billion in February, overtaking Japan\'s US$850.1 billion to become the world\'s largest holder of foreign reserves.

But the other side of the coin shows a different picture -- that the People\'s Republic is not really a superpower, yet. The world\'s workshop is able to churn out cheap DVDs, bikes, garments and toys the are flooding discount stores around the world, but these products are mostly assembled in China, with components made and designed in the United States. Much of the money that the mainland earns from American consumers comes back to the United States when the cash-rich Chinese buy U.S. bonds and securities.

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    美國 喬治W 總統。 布希和他的中國對手胡錦濤在latter期間這個月首先過後將在白宮見面" 國事訪問" 到美國。 當然可以, 當它的權力和影響被非常在維護全球和平方面需要時,中國大陸已經安靜地作為被考慮的一個超級大國出現。 金正日威脅地區安全的核雄心,例如,將需要北京的幫助決心。 能引起一軍用衝突並且做那國家另一伊芳拉克的伊芳朗核計畫因此將。

    是的,中國大陸權力增長,在裡所謂" 和平的升高。 " 它在世界上是第4 大經濟,在美國,日本和德國之後。 它就購買力平價(PPP)而言更大 ,使第二大在世界上。 它是世界生產中心。 它的外國備用在2月達到8,537億美元,趕上日本的8,501億美元成為世界的外國備用的最大的持有者。

    但是硬幣的另一邊顯示一些不同的狀況 -- 然而,人們的共和國其實不是一個超級大國。 這世界專題討論會能粗製濫造便宜DVD,單車,服裝和玩具淹沒全世界的廉價商店, 但是這些產品主要在中國集合,帶有組成部分做並且在美國設計。 當富有現金的中國人買美國時,大陸從美國消費者掙錢的大部分錢回到美國 債券和証券。

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