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請幫我翻譯這篇有關大蒜的文章 英文作業用


根據英國BBC 的報導,美國北卡羅萊那大學一個研究團隊日前公布了一項研究報告,指出每日固定食用大蒜的人與一般沒有食用習慣的人相比,得到胃癌比例將減少50﹪。



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    According to the report of Britain BBC, a research group of university in the fields lying fallow in rotation of north Carol in U.S.A. announced a research paper a few days ago, point out that regular edible garlic person and person not generally eating the habit compare every day, receiving the proportion of stomach cancer will reduce by 50.

    Once there are research papers that pointed out in the past, allium composition included in the garlic will contribute to restraining animal's growth of the cancer cell in the body, but has not confirmed whether this result has been suitable for the human body . Have verified the prevention efficiency to the stomach cancer of garlics in the research paper that this research team was a few days ago .

    However, if what was eaten is the garlic food after processing, there is no similar efficiency , because in anti-cancer material destruction already in the course of processing totally.

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