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貝多芬做為鋼琴家和作曲家都逐漸嶄露頭角 , 遠大的前途被眾人看好 . 但是 \" 惡性耳疾 \" 這個音樂家的致命傷卻使他頹喪 . 悲憤之餘曾留下一份著名的 \" 海里金史塔持遺書 \" , 這是在他死後才被發現的 . 他真的想自殺嗎 ? 實在煞費猜疑 . 總之 , 貝多芬並沒有自殺 , 相反的 , 他回到維也納 , 首次舉行個人作品發表會 . 之後 , 他的作品更臻成熟充實 , 許多不朽的傑作也於此時相繼完成 . 例如小提琴奏鳴曲 \" 克羅采 \" , 第三號交響曲 \" 英雄 \" , 鋼琴奏鳴曲 \" 華爾斯坦 \" , 以及後來改名為 \" 費得利 \" 的歌劇 \" 雷奧諾雷 \" .......等 .


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    Story insisted on Beethoven all show up prominently for the pianist and composer gradually, long-range future is favoured by everybody.  But  "  Malignant ear disease  "  But the mortal wound of this musician makes him dejected  .  Once left a share name after the grief and indignation  "  Hold the testament in the gold history tower in the sea  "  ,This is found after he died  .  Does he really want to commit suicide?  Really very the fee is suspected  .  In a word, Beethoven has not committed suicide, opposite, he gets back to Vienna, holds the personal works and issues the meeting for the first time.  Later, his works became ripe and substantiated even more, a lot of immortal masterpieces were finished in succession at this moment too.  Such as the violin sonata  "  Crow's complexion  "  ,Symphony No. three  "  Hero  "  ,Piano sonata  "  Wal Stein  "  ,And renamed as later  "  The fee gets profit  "  Opera  "  Thunder promise thunder  "  .......,etc.. Only when you become a powerful person, you will just feel happy from the deep of the heart, could realize the value of one's own life.  

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