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我真的好想妳 我每天都很難過 因為我無法忘掉妳 妳是我最深愛的女人

如果有機會 我真的希望你能多愛我一些 事情都發生了 只好讓它過去

謝謝你陪我度過之前5個月的美好日子 我會珍惜 也會把它當作美好的回憶放在心裡面沉澱著

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    I really really miss you  I am very sad every day  Because I am unable to forget you  You are the woman who I love most deeply  If there is an opportunity  I really hope that you can love some of me more  The thing has all happened  Have to let it go over The beautiful days of 5 months before thanking you and accompanying me to spend  I will treasure  Will regard it as bright remembrance to put inside the heart and precipitate too  可以吧

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