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And titrate its infusion(5-15mcg/kg/min) to optimize blood pressure. Some patients need very high inotrope infusion rate. Consider adding epinephrine infusion for dopamine >10 mcg/kg/min and start from 0.1 mcg/kg/min (0.05-0.4 mcg/kg/min).

3.a pulmonary artery floating catheter(Swan-Ganz catheter) may be helpful to optimize the use of cardiovascular drugs.

4. Consider left ventricle assist device(LVAD)or extracorporeal membrane membrane oxygenation(ECMO) for patients with very seven heart failure. most cases, pulmonary edema/hemorrhage stabilizes gradually in this stage. Weaning the patients from ventilator and reducing MAP can consequently reduce the compromise of cardiovascular system.

6. Consider neurological examination. Cerebral blood flow(CBF) may be compromised due to decreased cardiac output. Frequent CBF monitoring becomes important in this stage. TCD, near-infrared spectroscopy(NIRS), jugular bulb saturation(SjvO2) can provide useful and real-time information

7. Blood glucose will decrease in the end of Stage 3A. It is important to monitor and maintain it with higher glucose concentration intravenous fluid. Start enteral nutrition as soon as the cardiovascular system starts to recover and vasopressor infusion has been tapered to a lower rate by which mesentery perfusion is not influenced.

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    而且滴定它的注入 (515mcg/kg/min 的)將血壓成為最佳化。 一些病人需要非常高的 inotrope 注入率。 考慮為多巴胺> 10 mcg/公斤/最小和從 0.1 mcg/公斤/最小 (0.05-0.4 mcg/公斤/最小)的開始增加腎上腺素注入。

    3. 一個肺的動脈浮控導尿管 (天鵝-Ganz 的導尿管)可能是有幫助將心臟血管藥的使用最佳化。

    4. 考慮以最七顆心不及格離開了心室為病人協助裝置 (LVAD)或 extracorporeal 薄膜薄膜以氧氣處理 (ECMO)

    5. 在大部份的情形下,肺的水腫/出血逐漸地在這一個階段中穩定 斷絕患者從通風筒和減少地圖可能因而減少心血管系統妥協。

    6. 考慮神經學上的考試。腦的血流程 (CBF)可能被妥協處理適當的到減少心臟的輸出量。 時常的 CBF 監聽在這一個階段中變成很重要。 TCD ,近-紅外線的光譜學 (NIRS), 咽喉的球莖浸透 (SjvO2)能提供有用的和即時的資料

    7. 血葡萄糖將在階段 3A 的結束中減少。 用更高的葡萄糖集中靜脈內的液體監視而且維持它是重要的。 像心臟血管的系統開始一樣的很快開始腸的營養恢復和血管加壓劑注入已經被逐漸變小到更低的比率哪一個腸系膜灌注不被影響被。


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