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請英文高手幫忙一下~~謝謝 (翻成英文)





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    AOU-strategy of management with the persistence technique independence, also canvass business with the industry specialty area mode, help realize the integrity of the industry settlement.Prop up the equipment through the strategic alliance, the business together develops the new technique, ising dedicated to pushing the light electricity industry settlement to turn, industry up, downstream the manufacturer is perpendicular to integrate in the park area inside, the establishment rises the strong supply chain combination.Another an important factor, AOU-on control ability of cost, AOU-by investment and joint venture or the alliance method creation the net alliance, make use of the industries to gather the effect to carry on up, the downstream perpendicularity integrate, reducing the bargain cost and insuring to provide the goods source?Settle sex.This research according to the activity policy of the enterprise and the improvement target, integrate the two main directions study analysis outside an integration with perpendicular supply chain and the internal supply chain perpendicularity respectively, induce following what time conclusion:

    1.Integrate through the exterior supply chain perpendicularity, to backward integrate the way, resolve the key components supply problem;With forward integrate the way, solve the customer need and control the market information, reach the advantage of reducing the cost.

    2.Integrate through the internal supply chain perpendicularity, carry on the project improvement activity with the logistics mode, reach the advantage of reducing the cost.

    3.Gather through the industries with the competition structure of constructing the industry specialty area supply chain perpendicularity integration, reach the advantage of reducing the cost.


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    AOU- Run de tactic as insist on technology independence, and as industry's a special administrative area zhao shang mode, come cause industry's gather de integral. Permeate tactic's federation foster equipment's Shang Dynasty together develop new technology, dedicate to push photoelectric industry's gather melt, will on industry, downstream manufacturer plumb integrate in park in, establish rise hard supply chain combination. Another's a important factor, AOU- On cost de control ability, AOU- By means of by turn invest and joint venture or federation style bring forth reticulate federation, take advantage of industrial group forgather effect proceed on, downstream plumb integration, debase bargain's cost and ensure supply goods source de wen determine the nature. This research as enterprise zhi act guiding principle and ameliorate aim, difference as exterior supply chain plumb integration come up to's inside supply chain plumb integration two main direction inquire into analysis, generalize come out following several point oves conclusions:

    1. Permeate exterior supply chain plumb integration, as to behind integrate style, settle hinge zero group oves supply problem; as go forward integrate style, settle customer's requirement and master market information, reach debase cost de advantage.

    2. Permeate inside supply chain plumb integration, as logistic administer mode proceed case ameliorate activity, reach debase cost de advantage.

    3. Permeate industrial group forgather with construct industry's a special administrative area supply chain of plumb integrated compete framework, reach debase cost de advantage.


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