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英文 商業書信 問銀行貸款利息及折扣




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    Dear Sirs:

    Our company was established in May 1999, and we've enjoyed satisfactory profitability with steady growth since then. We deal mainly in import and export. Regarding procurement of material, we used to issue sight or usance L/C to foreign manufacturers. On the other hand, we received payment from local buyers by drafts at 60~90 days sight. Therefore we need financing of working capital for our daily operation. We herewith enclose financial statements audited by CPA for the last 3 years, complete introduction of our company, CEO and president, their financial backgrounds. In fact, our company have long been a pretigeous business in Taiwan. Both company and primary shareholders are entitled to first-class credit standing.

    Please kindly provide us with related information on the loan as follows: total credit line, interest rate, possible discount, grace period, collateral(real estate or personal property), guarantor, additional conditions, etc.

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    Finally, we firmly promise that we're going to be one of your favorable customers if you approve a loan at favorable rate with us.

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    我先是寫了一篇完整版 結果因超過2000字 被刪個精光 嚇得我重寫 不敢分段 有很多專業用語也不敢用了yahoo在殺之前至少要先警告才對

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    補上被殺的一部份:Due to our sophisticated plan to increaseproduct lines and expand marketing territory at the same time, we would like to find a trustworthy bank to match our further growth in the future.

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    請接在第一個補充後: Thank you in advance for your time and patience. We are looking forward to receiving your reply at your earliest convenience. Faithfully yours, xxxxx xxxx xxxx

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    第一個補充應是 to be one of your valuable customers if ....我要去收驚了!

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