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    What is a friend? A friend is many things: someone who can share out joys and our sorrows, someone who will laugh at our jokes and wipe our tears, someone who will help us to find success and to overcome failure. A friend wii walk by our side when we are lonely, and will step aside when we need to be alone.

    A friend is someone we can depend upon in good times and bad times. It is someone who is always there, even when we are miles away. A friend is someone who will always tell us the truth, and who wants to hear the truth from us. It is someone with whom we can always be ourselves.

    The following poem by Joseph Parry offers some more ideas about friends:

    New Friends and Old Friends

    Make new friends, but keep the old;

    Those are silver, these are gold.

    New-made friendships, like new wine,

    Age will mellow and refine.

    Friendships that have stood the test-

    Time and change-are surely best;

    Brow may wrinkle, hair grow gray;

    Friendship never knows decay.

    For' mid old friends, tried and true,

    Once more we our youth renew.

    But old friends, alas! may die;

    New friends must their place supply.

    Cherish friendship in your breast-

    New is good, but old is best;

    Make new friends, but keep the old;

    Those are silver, these are gold.


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    那個 要的話 加入我及時通 我已經打好 只是 他po不上去............

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  • ㄜ˙˙˙

    要全部打出來應該會累死人吧= =∥



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  • 你是說Friends和Compliments這兩課嗎?


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