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英文造句~include和move away

請幫我用include和move away


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    A complete article includes introduction, content and conclusion.

    Mary, Jane and Nicole are not included in our guest list because they are too crazy.

    Please move away your stuff without making a mess of my room.

    Don't move away my car without telling me first.

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    includeThe price includes both house and furniture.價錢包括房子和傢俱。I include him among my friends.我把他當作朋友。move awayThat chair is in the way, please move it away.那把椅子擋著路,請把它移開。Could you move your car away?你能將你的車移走嗎?

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    The function of this machine includes reminding people of their schedule.

    You said you hate the whole class. Does that include me?

    I'm sorry, but your car is just standing in the way. Can you move it away?

    The paining was moved away because of it's inappropriate.

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    I don't feel included in this conversation. 在這一段談話中, 我感到被排除在外

    She will move away on Friday. 她星期五將會搬走

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