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K(湯米李瓊斯飾)和J(威爾史密斯飾)雙人組是FBI所屬的一個非正式情報單位的刑警,他們的任務就是監督外星人在地球上的活動,任何外星人如果圖謀不軌,就會被這兩位身穿黑色西裝的特警殲滅。然而在一聯串調查未登記外星人訪地球記錄時,K和J竟發現銀河中的恐怖份子正 祕密的行動—準備刺殺另一星球的大使。由於這個舉動將引起宇宙間的征戰、世界將面臨崩潰,K和J必須在地球被外星**毀滅前找到這批恐怖份子。K和J這對黑白搭檔就帶著巨大無敵槍到處對付奇形怪狀的外星人,結果終於消滅形似蟑螂的外星人,再度成功拯救了地球。

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    The K(the soup rice Lee the 瓊斯飾 ) and J(the 威爾 Smith 飾 ) double person's team is the FBI an informal intelligence unit belonged to of criminal police, they of mission is inspect the Alien at on the earth of activity, if any Alien plans lawless acts, will be worn the black western dress by these two bodies especially the 警 the annihilation.However at one the 聯 string's investigating didn't register the Alien to visit the Earth record, the K and J unexpectedly find the terrorist in the Milky Way positive action of the secret-prepare to assassinate another one ambassador of the star.Because this action's willing cause the 征 between universes war, world will face the breakup, the K and J have to in the Earth Alien the residue demolished to before found out this to criticize the terrorist.This Alien who brings the strange form that the huge invincible gun deals with the strange form everywhere to the black and white partner of the K and J, the result finally exterminates the Alien of the likeness cockroach, once more succeeding to rescue the Earth.


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    "the soup rice Lee the 瓊斯" = =




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