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算1+100 用 for指令 和while 指令??

和 如何用蒙地卡羅法算出 pie(指數學的Pie,3.1416)???




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    2 decades ago
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    利用 for 計算 1+2+3+,,,+100sum=0;for n=1:100sum=sum+n;endsum------------------利用 while 計算 1+2+3+,,,+100sum=0; n=0;while n<=100sum=sum+n;n=n+1;endsum----------------用蒙地卡羅法算出 pifunction mypi = approxpi(n)% Input: n = number of points to generate% Default is n = 1e6% Larger values of n should perform betterif nargin < 1n = 1e6;end% Generate uniformly distributed points in % [0, 1] x [0, 1]xy = rand(n, 2); % Compute distance from (0.5, 0.5)r = sqrt((xy(:,1)-0.5).^2+(xy(:,2)-0.5).^2); % Count fraction of points within 1/2 unit of (0.5, 0.5)frac = sum(r <= 0.5) / n; % Since square has side 1, circle has radius (1/2) % and should have area of pi*(1/2)^2% frac is approximately pi/4 so pi is approximately 4*fracmypi = 4*frac;參考  >> approxpi(10)ans =    2.8000>> approxpians =    3.1412

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