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WASHINGTON - Officials in the nation\'s capital are preparing for the 2006 National Cherry Blossom Festival, an event expected to bring more than a million visitors to the city and pump millions of dollars into the region\'s economy.

\"It\'s been bigger and bigger every year,\" Mayor Anthony A. Williams said of the two week event marking the start of the District of Columbia\'s peak tourism season. This year\'s festival runs March 25-April 9.

While the 3,000 flowering cherry trees planted around the Potomac River Tidal Basin remain the central attractions, annual tree plantings in the district\'s eight wards have spawned other events, including the Anacostia Cherry Blossom Festival in a working-class neighborhood east of downtown.

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    華盛頓 - 在國家的首都的官員正作準備2006 國家櫻桃花節日, 一次事件期望帶超過100萬位去城市的參觀者並且把數百萬美元充入地區的經濟。  "每年越來越大,"  市長安東尼A。  威廉斯談及注意哥倫比亞特區的山峰旅遊季節的開始的兩周事件。  今年的節日 3月25日4月運轉9。 3,000開花櫻桃樹在開船塢保持中部旅遊勝地的Potomac 河周遭種植當時, 在地區的8 間病房裡的一年生樹植物已經大量生產其他事件,在商業區東邊的一個工人階級附近包括Anacostia 櫻桃花節日。  

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