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還請簡略解釋一下您所選擇的答案,以利小弟學習思考。1. When all of the economy\'s resources are fully employed, the value of production is calledA) real GDP.B) nominal GDP.C) actual GDP.D) potential GDP.2. The expansion of an economy\'s production possibilities is known asA) inflation.B) economic growth.C) the business cycle.D) economic fluctuations.3. Which of the following statements is true?A) Real GDP fluctuates around potential GDP.B) Potential GDP fluctuates around real GDP.C) Potential GDP is the same as real GDP.D) When all of the economy\'s resources are fully employed, the value of production is called real GDP4. The unemployment rate is measured asA) the number of people that want to work but cannot find jobs out of the entire population.B) the percentage of people in the labor force who are unemployed.C) an indicator to determine long-term economic growth.D) an indicator for potential inflation.5. Which of the following is a stock variable?A) Investment.B) Income.C) Wealth.D) Saving.6. If the economy\'s capital stock increases over time,A) net investment is positive.B) depreciation is less than zero.C) depreciation exceeds gross investment.D) gross investment equals depreciation.7. If nominal GDP is $5 trillion and the GDP deflatoris 125, what is real GDP?A) $4 trillionB) $.04 trillionC) $625 trillionD) $6.25 trillion8. Let C represent consumption expenditure, S saving, I gross private domestic investment, G governmentpurchases of goods and services, and NX net exports of goods and services. Then GDP equalsA) C + S + G + NX.B) C+S+G-NX.C) C + I + G + NX.D) C + I + G - NX.9. The quantity of real GDP produced depends on theA) quantity of labor and the price level.B) quantity of capital, bonds, and stocks.C) quantity of labor, the quantity of capital, and the state of technology.D) price level, the unemployment rate, and the quantity of government purchases of goods and services.10. What is measured on the vertical axis of a diagram showing the aggregate supply curve?A) real national income.B) nominal income.C) the price level.D) the interest rate.



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    1.D 潛在GNP

    2.B 經濟成長

    3.A 實質GNP的波動會環著潛在GNP走

    4.A 在整個就業的人口中,想工作而找不到工作的人的比率

    5.C 財富是存量觀念

    6.A 資本存量增加,整體的淨投資可能也跟著增加

    7.D GDP平減指數為125,則實質GAP應乘上1.25倍

    8.A 國內生產毛額,為屬地主義,由於淨出口額度的概念是生產產出,因此,需由生產面來看,所以應包含生產供應國內消費與政府的支出,以及國內儲蓄,與淨出口額度(代表國內生產)

    9.C GDP的產出受到什麼因素所影響,其實就在問AS受什麼因素影響而左右移動.


    10.C AS線的縱軸是一般物價水準.

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