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急~翻譯這一段話 中翻英




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    From the small birth in a well-off family, the parents besides takes the word to teach also to take to teach by example it to foster, in the daily life often instills into the idea which we remembers the source of one's happiness and raises the independent ponder, from the urinative root deeply in mine mind, will become in the future a personality development important foundation, also therefore in our family's child will compare to the same age child independent and precocious, although body for family in eldest child, but actually will not have arrogant and wilful, in economical aspect also comparatively early independent, will start from the school days then to have the labor to read the experience, on was informed and experienced in the society still calls richly.

    I in school period namely works using after school reduces in the family to bear, also takes advantage of this the increase work experience. Because once held the post of the traveler to take the personnel, has trained from the work from already facing each kind of different customer request and should to the onset and retreat method. Moreover I thought the sense of responsibility is most important, from infancy to maturity the parents have given me such idea, also because the sense of responsibility urges me unceasingly to grow and the study. Regardless of is that one kind works most important or is sincere and the sense of responsibility to the work and is willing to study the heart, therefore when the schoolmates in to tread into the society to feel whento to hesitate about which way to go , I actually was fill with the anticipation to prepare to greet have challenged, therefore I if could fortunately enter your firm, had to be able whole-heartedly to act well from already role.

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    I thought in the oneself individuality merit is, optimistic enterprising, the coordinated communication ability is good.

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    clearly understood opposite party wants to express the meaning, enable me comparatively to have the affinity, and can complete melt the conflict.

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    I expected future in the work, will be able to let own specialty full display, in particular the computer application aspect, and believed own rigid with diligently, surely will be able unceasingly to grow, the breakthrough.

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