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Sweet! Chocolate tour gets an update

HERSHEY, Pennsylvania (AP) -- Every kiss has a story -- and it\'s a tale that starts in the rain forests of Africa and Latin America and ends in a factory about two hours west of Philadelphia.

At least that\'s what you learn on the newly renovated Great American Chocolate Tour Ride at Hershey\'s Chocolate World. Here visitors slip into the role of cocoa beans and are shipped, sorted and roasted through the attraction, which explains the origin of Hershey\'s chocolate bars, syrup, Kisses and other products.

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    至少那是你在Hershey好時巧克力世界中最新的"美妙極了美國巧克力之旅"所能學到的一件事. 在這裡訪客們跟隨著並認識可可豆被運送,分類及烘烤而至展現吸引力,這就說明了Hershey好時的巧克力棒,巧克力糖漿,Kisses巧克力以及其他產品的由來.

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    甜! 巧克力遊覽得到更新

    HERSHEY, 賓夕法尼亞(AP) -- 每個親吻有一個故事-- 並且這是開始在非洲和拉丁美洲雨林和末端裡在工廠大約二個小時在費城西邊的傳說。

    至少那是什麼您學會在最近被更新的巨大美國巧克力遊覽乘駕在Hershey 的巧克力世界。這裡訪客滑倒入可可子的角色和運輸, 被排序和被烤通過吸引力, 解釋Hershey 的巧克力塊、糖漿、親吻和其它產品的起源。

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