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請大家幫我一下把這幾段翻譯成英文 這幾段的文章我不太會







可以簡略的話幫忙一下 因為我的文章內容有數量的限制


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  • 志威
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    1 decade ago
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    To greatly part of Indonesians, the rice is more its staple food, but then replaces a rice gradually toward the eastern rice, corn in the west valley, and yam.On all sides and large ocean in Indonesia and many inshore fresh water farms then provide abundant seafood food, and Indonesian special cooking method, as wrap seafood an inside to take into again to steam to roast in the banana the leaf etc.

    Because greatly part of Indonesians believe in Islam, so in addition to Chinese restaurant, international rice and non- Islam area, usually don't eat pork.Because Indonesian four seasons all summer, so in Indonesia whole year round you can eat a tropical zone and subtropics vegetable and fruit, can absolutely satisfy your taste.

    Indonesian in addition to being filled with the plain of sunlight, the farmland of dripping green also has whole year round the high and big mountain peak of the accumulated snow and the desert of the whole slice with the outside of the vigorous bush.

    Riding on the bus is a kind of another convenient and very cheap tour method, almost all downtown buses all have air-condition.

    Certainly you can also rent car or taxi, so your route of travel will be filled with free fun more, you can get off to enjoy to immerse a body to hand over to match to win in the United States of the Indonesian culture and the view anywhere.

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