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    1) Tropical rain forest (TRF) is vitally interrelated to our daily lives. They are our important food source. Bananas and pineapples are the two most common types of plants found in TRF. Coffee beans and herbs are also extracted from the plants in the TRF.

    2) TRF has significant importance in medical research. There are 25% of the world's medical resources are come from TRF. 70% of the plants that are confirmed to be effective on cancer treatments, are grown in TRF.

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    我看不過眼了. 怎麼那麼多人喜歡用電子翻譯機/軟體來直接翻譯? 那些翻譯出來的句子完全沒有文法, 一點也不通. 動動你們的腦筋吧. 不要害了那些真正想學習英文的朋友.

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