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英文/ 列10條 Interview 學電腦的人的問題..急

我要interview 一個major in computer science的人



因為我對computer science真的沒什麼了解



請用英文回答,知識點數20點!! 不過限於這一天之內作答喔!


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    Where did you get your computer science major?

    Did you like the computer science program at your school?

    Which programming languages did you learn?

    Why did you choose to major in computer science?

    Did you enjoy studying the subject area?

    If you can choose again, would you still major in computer sciecne?

    Did you do any web-designing?

    Have you written any interesting programs?

    What were your favorite program assignments?

    Did you take classes on databases or operating systems?

    How were your professors?

    Where did you work after graduation?

    How did you get that job?

    Can you tell me about your work experiences in the field so far?

    Which software companies would you want to work for the most?

    What do you think of Google's success?

    (I studied computer science in college, I can list a lot more questions if you need them, let me know.)

    Source(s): I've studied in the States for 10 years.
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    maybe you can ask him what field in computer science he is expert in .

    image processing? embeded system? IC design? or internet .etc

    Source(s): my major is CS
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