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A: XXX 歡迎回國啊~~拉斯維加斯好玩嗎??

B: 那裡真是個好地方呢 我還去了迪斯奈樂園喔和大陝谷

A:哇~~這麼豐富的行程啊 你一定玩的非常開心吧

B:是啊 難的有機會去國外走走我真的非常開心

A:為了慶祝你回國 我帶你去吃好吃的料理

B:好阿有何不可呢 我高興都來不及了呢



A:oh~那味道真是棒極了 我想你吃過後一定會愛上它


A:因為我之前在泰國住了一段時間 所以我非常愛吃

B:哇~~真的嗎 我都不知道這件事耶 你在那裡住了多久



A:好了別再說了 我的肚子快餓扁了我已經等不及要去吃了


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    A: Welcome back, XXX, how was Las Vegas?

    B: It’s a very amazing place. I also went to Disneyland and the Grand Canyon.

    A: That’s awesome! You must have had a great time there.

    B: Yeah, I seldom get a chance to go abroad. I really enjoyed it.

    A: Let me take you out for some good food to celebrate your homecoming.

    B: Sure, why not? I’m flattered.

    A: Have you ever tried Thai food before?

    B: No, how is it?

    A: Oh, it’s wonderful! I bet you’ll love it once you try it.

    B: Do you have Thai food very often?

    A: I used to live in Thailand for a while, so I love it a lot!

    B: Wow, really? I didn’t know that! How long did you live there?

    A: I lived there for almost two years.

    B: Wow! That’s incredible.

    A: Okay, Let’s not talk about this. I am starving, and I can’t wait.

    B: Oh, that’s right! Let’s go!

    希望對妳有幫助唷! ^^"

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    不好意思! 更正第四行的地方用B: Yeah, I haven’t been on a trip for a long time. I really enjoyed it.會比較好!

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    我知道有一家泰式料理很好吃,是用成調理包宅配到你家哩,肚子餓的時候拿來熱一熱就可以吃了滿方便的,好像在電視節目上也有看到他們的樣子, 這是他們的官網,可以去看看^^

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    A:Hey~xxx welcome back! How was Las Vegas?

    B:I had so much fun there. It was such a wonderful place, and I also went to the Distney world and the Grand Canyon.

    A:Wow! How wonderful! You must had lots fun while you were there!

    B: Yeah~ it's been awhile for me to go on a trip, I really did enjoy it.

    A:Hey~ for the celebration, I'll take you out for a good meal.

    B: Oh really~ sure~ why not, I am flattered.

    A:Have you tried Thi food?

    B:No, not really, how does it taste?

    A:Oh Thai food tastes wonderful. I think you'll fall in love with them once you've tried it.

    B:Do you have them often?

    A:Well~ I used to live in Thailand for quite some times, so that's why i had them so often.

    B:OH really~ I didnt know that! How long have you been lived there?

    A:Well~ almost two years.

    B:OH really~unbelieveable.

    A:OK~ that's just stop chatting, I am so hungry from all these talking and i can't wait to eat!

    B:Oh ~ great, that's go!




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