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急....求一篇英文對話 有關電影的

我要英文對話 有關電影方面的 只要10句

不要太難 謝謝

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    Dialogue ASara and Brad are at a bookstore looking at movie magazines.Sara:I wouldn't see this movie for a million dollars.Brad:Here's one I know you're dying to see.Sara:What is it?Brad:It's the new Tom Cruise flick1.Sara:Give me that magazine.(Sara grabs the magazine from Brad.)Brad:Hey, I wasn't finished reading that. Give it back.Sara:No way. You know I'm Tom Cruise's biggest fan.Dialogue BBrad:His latest film is being released this month. It's called The Last Samurai2.Sara:That's what this article is about. He looks gorgeous in this picture. His eyes are like pools of water.Brad:Come on, Sara. Get real.Sara:Look at his hair-it's perfect.Brad:Will you stop drooling3? You're embarrassing me. Calm down, the clerk4 is coming this way.(The clerk walks up to Brad and Sara.)Clerk:Excuse me, but I'm afraid you'll have to buy that magazine. We won't be able to sell it with drool on it.Dialogue A莎拉和布萊德在書店裡看電影雜誌。莎拉:就算給我一百萬,我也不會去看這部電影。布萊德:這裡有一部電影我知道妳一定會很哈。莎拉:什麼電影?布萊德:湯姆‧克魯斯的新片。莎拉:把雜誌給我。(莎拉把雜誌從布萊德的手上搶了過去。)布萊德:喂,我還沒看完耶。還給我。莎拉:門兒都沒有。你知道我是湯姆‧克魯斯的頭號影迷。Dialogue B布萊德:他的新片這個月上映,片名是『末代武士』。莎拉:這篇文章就是在寫這部電影。他這張照片好帥唷。他的眼睛水汪汪的。布萊德:好了,莎拉。醒醒吧。莎拉:看看他的頭髮──真是帥呆了。布萊德:別流口水了好不好?妳這樣我很尷尬耶。冷靜點,店員過來了。(店員向布萊德和莎拉走去。)店員:不好意思,恐怕您得將那本雜誌買下來了。滴到口水的雜誌賣不出去。

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