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1. 台灣並不像歐美國家這麼提倡有機食物,也比這些發展的國家慢

2. 近幾年台灣人民開始注意有機食物和注重飲食健康

3. 人们開始發現有機食物對身體.自然環境.農業.及國家經濟有很多好處

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    1. Unlike Europe and America, Taiwan is not as keen on promoting organic food, and is also slower in its country's development.

    2. In recent years, people of Taiwan are starting to take notice of organic food, and value the importance of healthy diets.

    3. People are starting to discover the benefits of organic foods to the human body, natural enviroment, agriculture, and the country's economy.


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    1. Taiwan certainly such does not advocate organic food like the European and American countries, also is slower than these development countries

    2. In recent years the Taiwan people start to pay attention to organic food and the attenion diet health

    3. The person □starts to discover organic food to the bodyNatural environmentAgricultureAnd the state economy has very many advantage

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