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歡迎光臨-崁頂 胡麻俗稱芝麻,有白芝麻、黑芝麻及黃芝麻,油脂含量高,目前本省主要栽培在台南縣及嘉義縣種植面積,約 500~600 公頃,推廣品種為黑胡麻,製成黑胡麻油,風味獨特,香濃不膩。     






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    歡迎光臨-崁頂 胡麻俗稱芝麻,有白芝麻、黑芝麻及黃芝麻,油脂含量高,目前本省主要栽培在台南縣及嘉義縣種植面積,約 500~600 公頃,推廣品種為黑胡麻,製成黑胡麻油,風味獨特,香濃不膩。Welcome the presence to go against the flax popular name sesame

    seed, has the white sesame seed, the black-seeded sesame and the

    yellow sesame seed, the fat content high, at present this province

    main cultivation in Nan county and the Jiayi County sown area,

    approximately the 500~600 hectare, the promoted variety is the black

    flax, makes the black linseed oil, the flavor unique, fragrant is

    thick is not greasy.


    The Chinese always regards the flax is the tonic, the main use lies in

    squeezes out the linseed oil, the cakes and pastries, the sesame jam

    and so on. The linseed oil richly contains the calcium, the iron and

    the unsaturated fatty acid.



    In addition, has rich vitamin E, therefore, compares other vegetable

    oil to be stable. The thick filament content is high, is high filament

    food. Is regarded as in Japan food of the immortal, in the diet

    everywhere obviously the sesame seed, is fine healthy food.

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    Welcome - It is commonly called as sesames to carry the flax, there are white sesame , black sesame and yellow sesame, the oil content is high, this main culture of province is in Tainan and cultivated area in the county of Chiayi at present, about 50000 hectares, popularizing the variety as the black flax, make black moustache sesame oil, the flavor is unique , it is fragrant and thick and oiliness.

    Chinese always regard flax as tonics, the main use lies in squeezing moustache sesame oil , pastry , sesame paste ,etc.. The moustache sesame oil is rich in the calcium , iron and unrighted acid.

    In addition, having abundant vitamin E, so, more other vegetable oil are steady. The thick fine content is high, belong to the high fine food. Considered as the food of the long life in Japan, can see sesames everywhere in the diet, it is a fine healthy food.

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