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請問 品管”PDCA TO PPPP”翻譯2

Examining PDCA in the context of time

In the 1920s, “plan” implied defining a process, ”do” referred to doing tasks as planned, “check” meant verifying acceptance, and “act” entailed containment, disposition and correction. Though prevention was intended, it rarely occurred. Quality management systems of the past, including TQM, have emphasized process thinking using PDCA to ensure shipment of acceptable product to the customer. The sampling plans were designed to determine quantities to check the product. In other words, the “check” step has become synonymous with “inspection” in many businesses. An inspection phase was added to weed out unacceptable product.

In practice, “act” has become the weakest link. The input to ”act” comes from ”check,” which provides inadequate and insufficient feedback for action. The data available from “check” for analysis in most companies appears to be the attribute type. It’s like counting the number of OKs, although acting on this number has been difficult. Therefore, typical root cause analysis for the rare “not OKs” has been the operator. Most companies have a problem with poor root cause analysis and recurring problems leads them to question the current PDCA model. That’s why Deming promoted the PDCA cycle for problem-solving process by modifying PDCA to PDSA.

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