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    I regard watches as of more importance in our daily lives, for watches show me what time it is now.

    Time is money.

    Moreover ,watches remind me of the exsistence and importance of time at any moment.

    If I had no watch, I could waste much time without knowing.

    **1.首先 認為有很多說法:think/view sth as~,consider sth to be~,regard sth as~ etc

    2. of+importance = important; for是連接詞 連接兩句 "因為"的意思 用because, as,since都可以

    2.最後一句是一個假設法 與現在事實相反

    if子句要用一般動詞過去式或were 主句用 would should could might +原形動詞


    即 If S + ---were ,S + would/ should/could/might +原V


    3.還有此篇中文本身有很多贅字 像"無形"跟"連自己都不知道"就重複 所以不與重複翻譯

    Source(s): 外文系的我 及腦中文法書
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    I think that the watch is more important thing for my life. I can know what time it is through my watch. Time is money and the watch can remind me that the existence and importance. If I don't have a watch, maybe I will waste much time imperceptibly and I don't aware that.

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    I think Watch is important thing than others in our life, since it can let me know the right timing for minutes & hours now.

    Time is money, it could always remind me to be on time because it is important ! We might waste a lot of time without alertness if we don't have watch.

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    I consider watches as if they were the more essential things in my life because they can show me what time it is. Time is money, and they can remind me of the existence and the importance of time all the time. If I led a life without watches, I would have wasted a lot of time even though I didn't fully discover it!

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